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Unmanned supermarket shelf weighing

Unmanned supermarket shelf weighing
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Unmanned supermarket shelf weighing

New retail unmanned supermarkets have emerged in the past one or two years. For the unmanned inventory data management, we have made in-depth development. And mature products can be used directly.

The unmanned supermarket that was trial-operated in a company in Beijing in October 2017 was one of the production and installation projects of our company team.

In this cooperation, we are doing the smart shelf weighing part, which can be unattended and can tell you accurately.

1. What is the location?

2. Take away or put in a few things. And transfer the data to your host server or system software. Customers can use the data to do more big data processing.

This weighing solution can handle it well.

1. Long-term load and accurate data

2. Power off and re-powered is not cleared

3. Simple layout

4. Data docking, etc.

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