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Garbage sorting solution

Garbage sorting solution
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Garbage sorting solution

Internet of Things + smart garbage classification and recycling, and gradually enter people's lives. Garbage classification represents the degree of ecological civilization of a city. Various provinces and cities are launching “environmental campaigns”. Efficient and convenient garbage sorting equipment can improve the quality of source classification, and it is more convenient for people to collect money.

Turned to the topic, the electronic components of the core components of the intelligent garbage sorting equipment. We also call the garbage classification electronic scale. Our company has a standard and mature waste sorting scale solution. Experience in mass production, tailor-made electronic scales for the waste sorting industry

The waste sorting electronic scale solves the following problems:

1. Docking the upper APP

2, long-term load

3, anti-strong impact

4, anti-overload

5, waterproof

Professional technical solutions to professional problems, waste sorting electronic scales handed over to Shenzhen Botu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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