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I. Overview

The BT459B digital transmitter is made of high-integrated circuit. It can convert weak analog signals such as tension, pressure and weight in the industrial field into standard digital signals, and send them via asynchronous serial port/Bluetooth/wifi/Ethernet. Give other central control units (such as computers, PLCs, touch screens, mobile phones, Android machines, etc.). The field signal can be analyzed with high precision without loss transmission.

Second, technical specifications

Power source: DC9~24V

Working temperature: -40 to 70 ° C

Maximum humidity: 90% R.H non-condensable

Power consumption: about 1W

Physical size: (length) 36mm* (width) 23mm

Measurement accuracy: 1/30000

Agreement: MODBUS Standard Agreement or Free Agreement

Communication interface: default RS485/USB/232/5V TTL/Bluetooth

Third, we can solve the following scale scheme

1, the cash register solution

2, industrial process solutions

3. Logistics weighing solution

4, smart storage solutions

5, unmanned supermarkets, automatic sales solutions

6, smart home appliances solutions

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