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I. Overview

This product can be connected via USB serial port, wireless Bluetooth, 485 communication, etc. Transfer the weight value to the host computer. This product is an industrial grade weighing module with fast speed, good stability and high reliability. It can be connected to PLC, computer, single-chip computer, touch screen and other upper computer. The data is the digital weight value that can be directly read, which helps your host computer to do other control. This work is suitable for quantitative testing in the manufacturing process. Power supply 6-24V. There are free protocols and MODBUS protocols. Please ask the customer. This product is widely used in the banking industry, logistics industry, industrial automation control industry. Can be used with different size sensors. The range can be set. The highest precision is one in ten thousand. This product is available with display and no display. BT459A is sealed with a full die-cast aluminum housing, which is easy to install, simple to use, high in reliability, accurate in data and high in precision.

Second, technical specifications

Power: DC9~24V

Working temperature: -40 to 70 ° C

Maximum humidity: 90% R.H non-condensable

Power consumption: about 1W

Physical size: (length) 110mm* (width) 64mm* (height) 38mm

Sensor power supply: DC5V 50mA (MAX)

Sensor sensitivity: 2mV/V

Input impedance: ≥10MΩ

Zero adjustment range: 0.2 to 20 mV

Input sensitivity: 0.2uV/d

Input range: 0.2 to 26 mV

Conversion method: Σ – Δ (Sigma – Delta)

A/D conversion speed: 6.25 to 3200 times / sec optional

Nonlinear: 0.01% F.S

Gain drift: 5PPM/°C

A/D resolution: 1/1000000

Maximum measurement accuracy: 1/200000

Third, we can solve the following scale scheme

1. Industrial Process Solutions

2, logistics weighing solutions

3. Intelligent warehousing solution

4, unmanned supermarkets, automatic sales solutions

Fourth, the application scenario

Process process detection, intelligent cash register, quantitative equipment, intelligent warehousing, automation control equipment

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