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How to operate and pay attention to the electronic balance

How to operate and pay attention to the electronic balance
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How to operate and pay attention to the electronic balance

First, the ambient temperature of the balance working is 10 ° C ~ 30 ° C, relative humidity <75%. The balance should be placed on a stable work surface to avoid vibration, sun exposure and airflow impact.

2. Check whether the voltage conversion switch of the instrument is consistent with the used voltage before starting the power. After the voltage is selected, the transfer switch cannot be switched at will. Then adjust the horizontal foot screw so that the blisters are at the center of the level.

3. After the power is turned on, first calibrate the balance: press and hold the “T/C” key until the “-CAL-” is displayed, then release the “T/C” key. When the flashing "200.00" is displayed, the calibration weight of the flashing display value is placed in the center of the weighing pan. “-----” is displayed, waiting for the internal calibration of the balance. The “200.00” g is displayed stably, and the balance is finished after the buzzer sounds. Remove the weight, such as the balance back to zero, you can carry out physical weighing. Otherwise, repeat the above operation.

4. After each power on, you must wait for the display to return to zero before weighing. When weighing, you must wait for the “0” mark in the lower left corner of the display to go out before reading.

5. When weighing, the items to be tested must be handled gently to avoid impact and vibration of the instrument. The spilled of the tested item should be avoided, causing corrosion of the instrument and affecting the weighing accuracy. It is not allowed to weigh more than 2kg items to avoid damage to the instrument. When weighing the heated item, it must be cooled to room temperature before weighing.

6. After the weighing is finished, the display can be turned off after returning to zero. If the balance does not need to be unplugged for a long time, the balance pan must remain unloaded when the power is removed. The above is the operating procedure of the electronic balance.

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