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BT-spoke sensor

BT-spoke sensor
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BT-spoke sensor

Model: BT-CLF201

Range: 25t, 50t / 50klb, 100klb

Product features: Elastomer is made of aluminum alloy, high precision, high sensitivity, industrial grade

Scope of application: The sensor elastomer is made of alloy steel or stainless steel; rubber seal treatment, nickel-plated surface, waterproof, anti-corrosion, protection grade IP66.

Installation size specification drawing (unit: mm)


Technical Parameters:

Technical indicators breakdown:

Accuracy level : C1


Sensitivity temperature effect (%F.S/10°C): ±0.03

Combined error (%F.S): ±0.05


Zero temperature effect (%F.S/10°C): ±0.05

Sensitivity (mv/v) : 3.0±0.01


Temperature compensation range (°C): -10~+40

Creep (%F.S/30min) : ±0.03


Use temperature influence (°C) : -20~+55

Zero output (%F.S): ±1.0


Excitation voltage (V): 9 to 12 (DC)

Input impedance (Ω): 700±10


Safety overload range (%F.S): 150

Output impedance (Ω): 700±5


Ultimate overload range (%F.S): 200

Insulation resistance (MΩ) : ≥5000 (100VDC)


Protection level : IP66


Wiring method: Red: E+ Yellow: E-

              Green: S+ white :S -

Remarks: 1. Our company has standard sensor anti-overload matching tooling, you need to consult the customer.

             2. If the sensor size does not meet the requirements, it can be customized according to customer requirements.

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