0.01g高精度家用不锈钢厨房烘焙秤 珠宝称去皮计数小型电子称

BT452 small balance

BT452 small balance
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BT452 small balance

1. Product parameters

Model: BT452

Weighing pan size: 12*10CM

Product size: 16.5*12.8*5.8 CM

Box / Taiwan: 20

Single weight: 125.5g

Single package size: 14.5*3*9.5cm

Outer box size: 37.5*37.5*37.5cm

Weight per case: 15.1kg

Accessories: power adapter

2. Main functions:

Auto backlight (3 seconds no operation off backlight)

Automatic zero clear (empty scale automatic zero return)

Automatic shutdown (no operation for 2 minutes)

Unit conversion (multiple unit switching)

Counting function (weigh the number of similar products)

Peeling (when the container is weighed, the weight of the container is removed first)

Power supply: AC and DC

Battery: 6*5 battery

Range accuracy: 50G/0.001G; 100G/0.001G; 300G/0.01G; 600G/0.01G

Main unit: g.ct.dwt.oz.tl

3. Product advantages

Factory direct sales, primary source

Price concessions, reliable quality, support customization

National Recruitment Agent, a large number of off-the-shelf

4. Features: 0.01G high precision, stainless steel anti-corrosion weighing pan, blue backlight; small exterior for easy carrying; level, adjustable scale feet;

5. Application scenario: toner mixing, laboratory, valuables weighing

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