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BTG01 No power roller scales

BTG01 No power roller scales
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BTG01 No power roller scales

Model: BTG01

Weighing platform size: 30*40CM; 40*50CM; 50*60CM; 60*80CM; 80*100CM; 80*120CM can be customized

The main function:

This scale has weight, count, and single display.

With upper and lower limit alarm function (can send IO signal to the upper computer for control)

With peeling function

With automatic correction, automatic zero function.

The electronic platform scale has dual overload protection.

With a two-color LED charging indicator, it can clearly indicate the charging status.

Optional: RS-232 and upper and lower limit three-color warning lights

The scale and range accuracy of each scale of this product is different, please contact the customer to provide your demand for another offer!

Range accuracy: 40KG-500KG multi-range

Main unit: KG/G

Product details selling point: high-definition big screen, weighing and counting dual-use, upper and lower limit alarm, can be installed three-color warning light

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