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BTW305   High-speed automatic scanning machine

BTW305   High-speed automatic scanning machine
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BTW305   High-speed automatic scanning machine

I. Introduction: The high-speed automatic scanning code machine is an automatic identification bar code, photographing and collecting storage devices. Quickly store photos and barcodes for storage. It can be connected to various domestic express delivery systems (except rhyme) and read in EXCEL form. The database is available for collection at any time, and the software is free to use. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high efficiency, simple operation and strong compatibility. Widely used in express, logistics, online business, warehouse and other industries

Second, product features:

1. Quickly identify barcodes

2. HD panoramic large field dual camera photo camera

3. Automatic weighing, scanning and photographing integrated multi-function acquisition software (support data export EXCEL form)

4. Data is scanned into the EXCEL form in real time.

5. Easily dock all major express, logistics systems, online store butlers, etc., as long as there is a cursor to read.

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