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Are you experiencing static interference in the micro-weighing of electronic balances?

Are you experiencing static interference in the micro-weighing of electronic balances?
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Static electricity

Static electricity is a natural phenomenon. Static electricity is the result of friction on the surface of the insulator and electron transfer in the molecule.

Electrostatic force

The interaction force between static charged bodies. The charge excites an electric field, which acts as an electric field force on other charges in it. If the charge is stationary relative to the observer, then the electric field it produces around it is the electrostatic field. The force transmitted by the electrostatic field is called the electrostatic force.

Static interference in weighing

A small amount of powdery sample, weighing paper, and glass container are very likely to generate static electricity due to friction. The resulting electrostatic force directly affects the weighing result.

Under normal circumstances, the influence of this electrostatic force will reach a few milligrams, so the weighing of static electricity within 1 mg of accuracy is unavoidable interference.

Weighing under static interference

    In the actual weighing work, more than 80% of the users did not take measures to eliminate static interference. In the weighing of 0.01 mg, 0.001 mg, 0.0001 mg of insulating samples or using insulated containers, the weighing results showed an unstable wide range of fluttering. The user often waits for the weighing result to be substantially stable and then reads the weighing result. In fact, this is the result of the electrostatic stability is basically stable. This result is not the quality of the weighed sample, but the result of gravity superimposing the electrostatic force.

    One phenomenon is very telling: in the case of weighing method, when we return the container, the residual weighing paper will show a negative value. This indicates that the effect of the electrostatic symmetry amount exceeds the mass of the residual amount.

Elimination of static interference

    The effect of the amount of static symmetry is a factor that must be controlled by a high precision balance.

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